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Splish Splash Mobile Dog Grooming offers a variety of grooming and pet care options. Our mobile facility is maintained to exacting cleanliness standards. We treat each client with respect and care, enhancing each appointment with a personal touch. We care about your pets, and strive to make the mobile dog grooming experience a comfortable, stress-free one for each and every dog we meet!


  • Choice of Natural & Botanical Shampoos (hypo-allergenic, oatmeal, tea-tree, and de-shedding options)
  • Natural & Botanical Conditioners (tailored to your pet’s skin-type, hair texture and weather)
  • Tear-Stain Removers and Whitening Formulas
  • Hand Drying – Warm in winter, cool in summer. Variable speed drying for timid dogs and cats
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Foot Pads Cleaned
  • Ear Hair Plucked (where necessary) and Ear Canals Cleaned
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Coat Brushed (Heavy Undercoats and extensive matting may require more time at an increased cost)
  • Cut and Style with Clippers and Combs
  • Hand Scissoring (May cost extra depending on long-coated or silky breeds)
  • After-Bath Refreshing Coat Spray
  • Bow or Bandanna

Additional Services Available At No Extra Charge, Upon Request

    • Teeth Brushed & Mouth Freshener (For deep cleaning and tartar removal, we recommend you consult a licensed veterinarian)
    • Skunk Odor Removal (to the best of our ability)
    • Dremel grinding of toenails

We’re Here to Serve Your Pet’s Needs. Our all-inclusive pricing** is based on the breed, weight, overall condition and disposition of your dog. Discounts are generous for multiple dogs in the same household! We encourage regular grooming appointments at 4-8 week intervals to ensure the well-being of your beloved pet and will do our very best to please. Our vans are ONAN generator-equipped to provide all on-board pet grooming services while parked in your driveway

Feedback is welcome! We’d like to hear from you about the service and treatment you receive from us, so PLEASE tell your friends, text us a picture to include on our Facebook page with your favorite caption, or just give us a call.

**Our price quotes are based on YOUR description of your pet’s overall condition. If, after we physically assess your pet we feel that additional services are in order, we will notify you of any increased charges.